Helping buyers in today’s market is tough. These five methods will help.

Every agent knows this market is tough for buyers. Supply is still low, and rates have increased dramatically. How can you write winning offers for your clients? Here are five tips to get your clients’ offers accepted:

1. Structure your offers well. If your offer is easy to understand, the seller will be more likely to seriously consider it. 

“Appraisal gap coverage will put the seller’s mind at ease.”

2. Offer a larger down payment. The more your buyer puts down, the less risk they pose to the seller. Encourage your client to put as much money down as possible. 

3. Use an appraisal gap guarantee. Many homes are selling over their asking prices in our market. If they don’t meet appraisal, it can jam up the transaction. Appraisal gap coverage will prevent this from happening and put the seller’s mind at ease. 

4. Have an information-only inspection. Waiving the inspection is too risky in our opinion. Instead, order an inspection but have your buyer waive the right to ask for repairs. This way, you can have your inspection without hurting your offer. 

5. Negotiate an occupancy agreement. Allow the seller to stay in their home for a period after closing. This will give them time to find a new home before moving out, and it will give your client’s offer a huge advantage.

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