Explaining the purpose of my strategy calls and how you can benefit.

Today, I’m here to talk about the coaching strategy call you’ve probably heard about. At the end of my videos, I commonly mention booking a strategy call with me. The point of these calls is to answer any of your questions about making a living as a real estate agent and building your business. 

Some of the most popular questions new agents ask me are: 

  • How do I get licensed and what’s the cost? 
  • What’s the typical daily schedule like? 
  • How do I get buyer and seller appointments? 
  • What do I say to win a new client? 
  • How do I sell a home for the most amount of money? 
  • How do I get a buyer’s offer accepted with great terms? 
  • What are the typical hours required? 

“I’m happy to listen to your goals and help you create a plan.”

If you’ve already been in the real estate business, I’m happy to share how I set up my CRM, my team’s lead follow-up process, our listing presentation, and our marketing plan that makes sure homeowners call us first to sell their houses. I can give you personalized insight for building a business plan you’re excited to implement and gets the phone to ring with consistent income. During the strategy call, I’m happy to listen to your goals, see what your needs are, and write a plan to help you get what you want. 

If this sounds like something you want, then don’t hesitate to book a call with me. Let’s get you started on the road to success today!