There are three essential things that you need to do to win in this market.

One of the top pieces of advice I’ve given real estate agents and teams in 2023 is to go back to the basics. Now you’re probably asking yourself, “What are the basics?”

Go back to the basics on your database and your CRM. You need to go back through and scrub it. Make sure all of your data is correct, which means name, phone number, and email. Make sure you’re providing value to your old leads that you have in there. Send them a call to action that ensures they call you before anyone else.

Second, go back to the basics on your training. We’ve moved from a speed-based market to a skills-based market. This requires you and your agents to get trained to secure more business and help your clients to the fullest. You need to sharpen your skills through daily scripts and objection-handling role play. This will increase your conversion from connections to appointments, meaning more business for you and your agents.

“This ensures that you have a solid foundation to continue to grow and scale in 2023.”

Next, go back to the basics on your systems. Are all of your operations and your systems dialed in? You need to know what happens when a new lead comes in and how you want to follow up with them. I always tell my team; the money is in the follow-up. Make sure you have your systems and operations lined up to make this happen. This ensures that you have a solid foundation to continue to grow and scale in 2023.

Do you have any questions about this topic or the real estate business in general? If so, please feel free to reach out to me by phone or email. I would be happy to help you out.